Overview of Pomskys

  • Pomsky breeders seem to get this question a lot. Pomskies are a designer hybrid that are notoriously challenging to produce (especially Pomskies with the popular markings and small in size). If you look around, our Pomsky puppy prices are in line or lower than most other reputable dog breeders.
  • The Pomsky is a unique cross between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky.  The idea behind the creation of the breed was to take the good looks and playful, agile, athletic traits of the Husky and to combine it with the cocky and commanding, yet loveable Pomeranian. 
  • Pomsky puppies (like all mixed or designer breeds) can end up looking more like one of their purebred parents than the other, especially when it comes to size, since Pomeranians are so much smaller than huskies.
  • A Pomsky is large enough that you don’t need to worry about accidentally stepping on him or the kids treating him like a toy, but is small enough to be well suited for apartment life or for smaller homes.
  • A Pomsky is a cute breed that does not take up much space and it does well in any environment as long as it’s with a family who can put in the time and effort needed for its well being.
  • Pomsky Adkins, Texas, United States 5 stunning Pomsky puppies looking for their forever homes They are 7 weeks old and will be ready to leave in 1weeks There are 2 boys and 3 g…
  • Pomsky’s are a fairly new development in the cross-breed world, and a few of them are winding up in shelters because new owners don’t always understand what their needs will be.
  • Pomsky dogs (also known as Arctic Spitz) are a designer dog that combines several Spitz breeds in attempt to maximize beneficial attributes of those breeds.
  • Pomsky dogs have an average lifespan of 13 to 15 years, especially if you provide them with proper nutrition and plenty of physical and mental stimulation.
  • Pomsky has a thick and double covered coat which it sheds completely each year, this might be an issue for humans who are allergic to dog’s hair.
  • Barking

    However, like both Huskies and Pomeranians, Pomskys can be bad about frequently barking and howling, which may not be ideal for some living situations, such as apartments or condos.


    Now that you realize your Pomsky puppy could potentially weigh anywhere from three pounds to 60 pounds and stand anywhere from six inches to 23.5 inches tall, you may wonder what choosing a Pomsky breeder has to do with predicting your Pomsky’s size.


    Although you need to take good care of a Pomsky’s coat by giving it a thorough brush at least twice a week, the magnificent coat of this mixed breed is a sight to behold.Just like its parent Siberian Husky, the Pomsky is available in a variety of colors like white, black, and grey or a combination of two or all these colors.

    Dental Disease

    Not always , but there is a chance that the puppy inherits this peculiarity from his parents, so it is important to pay attention to veterinary exams .Pomsky often suffers from dental diseases .


    Do not neglect extra time spent doing physical work on weekends, for example.In a private house, the dog does not require a daily walk, but when your Pomsky lives in a small apartment, it is important to take it out at least twice a day to release the energy stored in the fresh air.It is also necessary to provide the dog with a personal space .Pomsky is not a difficult companion.The dog does not need special attention, however, so that the animal does not start to lack contact with the owner , it is necessary to give him a few minutes of attention .This animal feels good in a small apartment as well as in a large country house.


    So, it is recommended to ask the breeder about the health guarantee of the puppy as well as the parents before buying.There is a controversy about the Pomsky breeders that they do not care for the puppy’s health, and the primary purpose of them is to make money because the Pomsky is the most popular breeds and everyone loves them.

    Life expectancy

    In the sections below, I’ve prepared everything you need to know about Pomsky’s lifespan, including common health problems of this breed, factors that affect their life expectancy, and how to extend their lifespan.


    Unlike Pomskys, Shiba Inus have been around for a very long time, and thus their personality traits and physical characteristics are easier to estimate. 


    A few years back someone on social media posted a picture of this mix breed and the whole internet got crazy on those photos, everybody starts calling that mix breed designer puppy as Pomsky.Are you looking for cute Pomsky Puppy?In 2012, Arizona breeders decided to create a mixed breed and the pictures go viral in the USA.It is a designer breed of dogs with a very interesting history.The ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club) has recognized this breed.This designer breed can also be…


    Because Pomskys would never exist naturally without intense human intervention and their qualities are determined by the individual parent dogs involved, it’s difficult to make any qualitative statements about the size, color, temperament, trainability and activity level of Pomskys on the whole.


    Choosing a reputable breeder can also prepare you for Pomsky ownership in other ways, by orienting you to this unique hybrid dog breed, helping you choose the right supplies and toys, and finding a dog training program your Pomsky will love.

    Are Pomskies Hypoallergenic?

    Pomeranian Husky mixes can come in a wide variety of colors – basically any that their parent breeds come in.So, shades can vary from a deep brown to a white Pomeranian Husky mix.

    Did You Know?

    The Pomsky, less commonly referred to as a Huskeranian, is a designer dog breed that is a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian.The goal of this designer breed was to get the beauty and personality of a Siberian Husky down to a more manageable size for people who loved them and needed a smaller dog.Responsible breeders will use artificial insemination with a Siberian Husky female for safety due to the size difference of the two parent breeds.

    Do Pomskies shed?

    As cute as Pomskies may be, they also shed their hairs.

    Are Pomskies A Good Family Dog?

    These dogs are much better for singles (or couples) than a family.

    Are Pomskies good dogs?

    They are good dogs for experienced dog owners, families, people who love the outdoors.They are very affectionate and they love to please their owners.Furthermore, as they are smart and loving, they are easy to train and can learn tons of tricks.

    Can a Pomsky be AKC registered?

    Since Pomskies are designer dogs, the American Kennel Club (AKC) does not accept these crossbreeds for registration.

    Are Pomskies Smart?

    It is not surprising that most people will ask about dog’s intelligence before they buy it.

    Are There Any Pomsky Health Issues?

    The Pomsky that some call a Pomeranian Husky is not an official dog breed.With this breed being so new you may wonder are there any Pomsky health issues? Currently there isn’t a lot of information on consistent health problems found in the Pomsky breed.There have been some concerns raised about Glaucoma.This is an eye disease that is common in the Siberian Husky dog breed.You can find out more about the symptoms of Glaucoma in this PetMD article “Glaucoma in Dogs”.

    Are Pomskies vocal?

    They are yappy and tend to be very vocal if you do not train them properly from an early age.However, with positive reinforcement and training, you won’t have to deal with a vocal Pomsky, to the contrary, it will be lovely and peaceful.

    Are Pomskies Hypoallergenic?

    A dog being hypoallergenic means that it does not cause any allergic reaction to those who interact with it.

    How much do Pomskies cost?

    A Pomsky puppy usually costs between $1,000 to $3,000 each.If you are looking for a specific appearance or are concerned with bloodlines, you might need to shell out around $5,000.

    Exercise ??

    While the Pomsky takes after the Husky in terms of physical exercise, its much smaller size makes a major difference.About 45 minutes of moderate exercise each day is enough to keep your Pomsky happy and healthy.

    Are These Dogs Good for Families? ??

    Unfortunately, Pomskies don’t tolerate young children well.On top of having a short fuse when it comes to things like ear- and tail-pulling, the Pomsky’s high prey drive can be triggered by running children.

    Do Pomskies Make Good Family Pets?

    It can be hard to predict what personality characteristics a Pomeranian Husky mix will inherit.

    How is it possible to mix a tiny Pomeranian and a huge Husky?

    Given the size differences in a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky, it’s understandable why the crossbreeding of these two dogs would raise some ethical issues.

    Do Pomeranian husky mix have health issues?

    As already mentioned above, the health condition of your dog will determine its lifespan.

    How well will the Pomsky fit in your family?

    Pomskies are loyal and protective.Despite their small size, they can be a good watchdog and a great overall family dog.

    Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets?

    Bringing a Pomsky into a home with other animals is tricky.Sadly, these dogs are almost always unsuitable for households with cats or smaller pets.Just like with children, some Pomskies view cats and other small animals as prey.Not only is this stressful for everyone involved, but it could also put your other pets in danger.

    What if I want to Breed Pomskies?

    Purely Pomskies sells their puppies with a strict spay/neuter agreement.If you are an established Pomsky breeder they do offer exceptions.Please get in touch with them for more information if that is the case.Puppies must be spayed or neutered before they are 12 months.Proof, when this has taken place, will be required.If spayed or neutering must be delayed for health reasons a note from your vet will be needed.

    Are Pomskies yappy and short tempered?

    If they receive proper training, then you won’t have to deal with a yappy and short-tempered Pomsky.They are very smart and now how to get their way, and that is why you need to train them from an early age to avoid these defective traits, as well as possessiveness.

    How can I find Pomskies for sale near me?

    We are located in Virginia.However, we do offer the shipping of our puppies throughout the Continental US.We prefer to use a Flight Nanny service when shipping our puppies, but can (depending on restrictions at the time) ship them via cargo as well.

    How Much Does A Pomsky Cost?

    Pomskies are generally more expensive than other puppies.This may be due to the fact that they are overhyped and are still limited in number.

    How Much Daily Exercise?

    Most Pomskies are energetic and naturally enjoy exercise, but they still need a lot of daily, structured activity to maintain optimum health and fitness.This daily exercise is important for muscle building and maintenance, healthy weight and even the emotional wellbeing of your dog.

    Food & Diet Requirements ??

    As a fairly small breed, the Pomsky requires far less food than its Husky parent.On average, a Pomsky requires around 2.5 cups of food per day, split into several small meals.

    So are you ready to get a Pomsky?

    By now you most probably have an idea of what getting a Pomsky means, so it’s time to ask yourself if such a dog is the right match for you.

    What Are the Size Differences of a Pomsky?

    Ultimately, it comes down to the parents’ genetic makeup to help decipher how large a Pomsky puppy will grow to be as an adult.Ultimately, it comes down to the parents’ genetic makeup to help decipher how large a Pomsky puppy will grow to be as an adult.As a crossbreed, every litter is different, from the size to temperament and colors.As a crossbreed, every litter is different, from the size to temperament and colors.

    Why the Pomsky?

    “Designer dogs” can really stir up a controversy among certain people and the Pomsky is the new pup on the block.A lot of people have never even heard of a Pomsky and some who have don’t believe they’re real.Among Pomsky owners and breeders I’m sure we’ve heard it all, from our dogs being called overpriced mutts to people trying to shame us for even trying to create or support a new breed.

    How Long Does A Pomsky Live?

    You can expect your Pomsky to stay with you for 13 to 15 years.

    You Want a Pomsky… Now What?

    Checking your local animal shelter or sites like Adopt-a-Pet.com and Petfinder may lead you to a Pomsky who’s waiting to be rehomed.

    Pomeranian Husky Mix: Should I Get One?

    If you are confident that a Pomeranian Husky Mix is the right dog to bring into your life, it’s worth considering every aspect we’ve discussed in this article.

    What is the Pomsky Life Expectancy?

    The expected lifespan of a Pomeranian Husky mix is 12 – 15 years.

    Do you want to stay up to date on the latest dog trends?

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    How does your application process work?

    Lets say you choose us as your breeder and can’t imagine your life without that special puppy.Assuming a Pomsky would make a great addition to your family, we ask that you fill out an application by clicking our adopt a puppy page! To avoid confusion, after you read the page and click the adopt now button at the bottom, you will be forwarded to our contract.None of our puppies leave here without a signed contract, so we recommend you read it over before clicking ‘agree’.By clicking agree you will be forwarded to our application! Our applications ask you a series of questions to make sure one of our puppies will be a good fit for you.There are no wrong answers, this is to give us a better idea of who you are and what your situation is.Also, by filling out this form, you are showing us that you are serious and committed to adding a new puppy to your family.As a result, if approved, you may either be placed on our mailing list or place a deposit to save your spot on our waiting list.

    What does a Pomsky look like?

    Crossbreeds tend to have an unpredictable appearance because of their mixed genes.

    What’s an F1 Pomsky?

    A first-generation or F1 Pomsky is the result of a purebred Siberian Husky and a purebred Pomeranian.First-generation offspring must be a 50/50 mix of their parent breeds.

    Grooming ??

    If you know anything about Huskies, you know that their double coats can be a shedding nightmare.Pomeranians are also known for their high-maintenance locks.If you think owning a Pomsky will be any different, you’re in for a rude awakening.

    What is a Pomsky?

    A Pomsky is a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian.This breeding is done by artificial insemination to ensure both dogs safety.Above all, must be with a Siberian Husky Female and Pomeranian Male.Pomskies are considered a designer breed.Therefore, Pomskies are not recognized by American Kennel Club as a pure breed.We at Meraki Moon Pomskies believe its important to us to use AKC registered Siberian Huskies and Pomeranian’s to guarantee quality and health.

    How much do Pomskies shed?

    The short answer is: a lot.

    Where to buy a Pomeranian Husky?

    An excellent place to start your search is by looking at the availability with your local breeder in your city, state.You can find pomeranian husky mix puppies for sale online or on social media.It’s never a good idea to buy a Pomsky from a random person unless they can provide official health documentation about the dog.

    How much exercise does a Pomsky need?

    Despite being active, these hybrids don’t need vigorous exercise.

    Training ??

    Pomskies are extremely bright, but you shouldn’t conflate this with trainability! Just like the Husky (and to a lesser extent, the Pomeranian), Pomskies tend to prefer doing things their own way.

    How Much Does A Pomsky Cost?

    You can expect to pay around $2000 for one from a reputable breeder.

    What is the life expectancy of a Pomsky?

    The lifespan of a Pomeranian Husky largely depends on how you treat him/her.

    Health and Conditions ??

    Despite the dramatic difference in size between the Pomeranian and Husky, the Pomsky bears fewer health risks than many other designer dog breeds.Still, you should be aware of and prepared for common health conditions found in this cross-breed.

    What Does This Gene Combo Mean for the Pomsky?

    It’s difficult to predict, but the Pomsky’s temperament is generally known to be friendly and loyal.

    Ready to join the Pomsky trend?

    With the affectionate nature of a Pomeranian and the playfulness of a Husky, the Pomsky is definitely an excellent companion dog.

    What’s the Price of Pomsky Puppies?

    With the Pomsky’s skyrocketing popularity, it should come as no surprise that these puppies cost a pretty penny! On average, Pomsky puppies cost between $1,500 to $3,000 from a breeder.

    Is The Pomeranian Husky A Good Family Dog?

    Yes, Pomskies can make fantastic family dogs.As with any breed, we recommend a consistent training regimen that starts with basic obedience lessons.

    What about the Teacup Pomsky?

    Teacup Pomskies are similar to the toy variety, but the former can be as light as 3 pounds.These are bred from so-called teacup Pomeranians.

    How do you train a Pomsky?

    It will be in your best interest to start training your Pomeranian puppies at an early age.

    What do Pomsky puppies eat?

    It’s best to feed your pet high-quality dog food made from premium ingredients.Dry kibble may be better for small dogs like the Pomsky, as the hard texture of kibble will help clean their teeth and prevent dental problems.

    Looking for a Pomsky breeder?

    Here is a growing list of Pomsky breeders that has been gathered for those looking for a Pomsky puppy.These are quality breeders breed Pomskies ethically and responsibly.Please note that this list is ever-growing and is not about the numbers, but more about the quality of breeding.

    What size do you want – toy, mini, or standard?

    Pomskies come in different size varieties, too.

    How Much Does A Pomeranian Husky Weigh?

    Male Pomeranian Huskies can weight between 24 and 30 pounds.Females tend to be lighter in weight at 20 to 26 pounds.

    Should I get A Cheap Pomeranian Husky?

    Pomeranian Husky mixes do not come on the cheap, and if they do, it’s usually a red flag.

    What Determines Price?

    The perfect Pomsky has blue eyes, a woolly coat, husky mask and is under 15 lbs.While Meraki Moon Pomskies is extremely talented at color coat genetics to achieve the ‘perfect Pomsky’, not every puppy is ‘perfect’ in this way.While all of our puppies are perfect in our hearts, not every one of them lives up to these coloring standards.

    What is a Pomsky?

    Pomski is a cross breed between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian.So Pomeranian husky mix is lovely with beautiful colors.

    Which Breeds Makes A Pomsky?

    A purebred Pomsky is the result of a cross between a male Pomeranian dog and a female Siberian Husky.This breeding generally takes place through artificial insemination due to the significant size difference in the parent breeds.

    History of Pomskys

  • In 1860, British and French troops captured the palace where the elderly aunt the…
  • In 1908 the
    breed was taken to Alaska and used as sled dogs during the gold rush.
  • In 1930, the last Siberian Husky was exported
    from Siberia, due to the closing of the borders.
  • In 1982, a special general meeting of the Pomeranian Club was held in an attempt to resolve the issue of the German Spitz.
  • In 1985, the American Eskimo Dog Club of America was formed, and the breed was eventually recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1995.
  • In 1999, German shepherd dogs were third on the American Kennel Club’s list of the Top 50 Breeds.
  • In 2006 and last sold aussiepom for sale california 7/22/2020 for $ 280,000 with thousands of Aussiepoo puppies for sale Baltic.
  • In 2011, an article from Buzzfeed stated that they had Pomsky puppies, although they were actually Finnish Lapphund puppies.
  • In 2011, the internet was abuzz with cute pictures of adorable puppies that people said were a mix of Siberian Husky and Pomeranian.
  • In 2012, Arizona breeders
  • In 2012, Arizona breeders decided to create a mixed breed and the pictures go viral in the USA.
  • In 2014 a friend of mine that knew  of the beautiful Pomeranian stud I had suggested I also raise the Pomsky breed.
  • In 2014, Pomsky fanciers decided to establish the Pomsky Club of America.
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