Shih Tzu

Overview of Shih Tzus

  • Shih Tzu dogs seem to pick up debris and other potential toxins on their paw pads and surrounding hair every time they go outdoors.  a few also  suffer from allergies that cause them to bite and lick their paws constantly.  This article will provide a few information and hopefully solutions to those ever present paw pad problems.
  • Shih Tzus are good watchdogs and eagerly alert their owners to the approach of strangers.  He does enjoy barking, but rarely does so without reason.  He is very clever and responds well to persistent training.  Without training the Shih Tzu will become extremely overprotective of their owner and aggressive towards other people.
  • Shih tzu, along with most short-nosed breeds, a fewtimes have difficulty breathing normally because inside their mouths, noses and throats they pack into a smaller space the same amount of tissue as breeds with longer snouts, resulting in narrower or partially obstructed airways.
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  • Shih Tzus may be prone to intervertebral disk disease, which is characterized by bulging or rupture of the spine disks, causing nerve problems manifested by acute pain, permanent weakness or paralysis, and loss of sensations.
  • Shih Tzus were (and are!) prized for their companionship, and these adorable, plush canines are deeply loyal, affectionate, and always down to cuddle, which is why they’re widely loved across class lines today.
  • Shih Tzu are small, lovable dogs who are members of the toy group.[1] X Trustworthy Source American Kennel Club The American Kennel Club (AKC) is a purebred dog pedigree registry in the United States.
  • Shih Tzu owners should aim to walk their pet for at least 30 minutes per day, although this may need to be broken down into two 15-minute walks if the Shih Tzu finds exercise tough.
  • A Shih Tzu is considered a senior dog between 9 and 10 years of age.  An aging Shih Tzu requires special care and has unique needs, including vet visits every 6 months.
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  • Allergies

    Due to the fact that Shih Tzus are small dogs and they are relatively inactive indoors, they make fantastic apartment dogs and wonderful dogs for seniors.  Furthermore, the Shih Tzu is an ideal dog for anyone who has allergies as his coat does not shed.  Of course, the down side to most non shedding dog is the required daily grooming of their coat – the Shih Tzu is no exception.



    As with any pet, owning a dog is a huge commitment that must be met for the entire life of a dog.  The average lifespan of a Shih Tzu is 15 years or more.  Considering he has a decent life expectancy for a canine, it should come as no surprise that this breed does not suffer any major hereditary health defects.  Nevertheless, no dog is perfect.  The Shih Tzu is still susceptible to illnesses.  The health issues that appear to be the most common in the breed include ear, eye, respiratory, back and teeth problems.


    Cancer is a leading cause of death in older dogs.Early detection is critical!Many cancers are curable by surgical removal, and some types are treatable with chemotherapy.We’ll perform periodic diagnostic tests and look for lumps and bumps when we examine your pet.Your Shih Tzu will likely live longer than many other breeds and therefore is more prone to get cancer in his golden years.


    The Shihs coat is available in almost every color and bi-color combination.  If kept long, the coat will need to be brushed a few times a day to keep it free from mats.  His eyes will need to be cleaned to discourage the build up of discharge that can lead to eye infections.  The owner will also need to make sure the hair on top of the Shih Tzus head is kept tied up and out of the dog’s eyes to avoid aggravating them.  The Shih Tzu should have a bath every month, and should be trimmed every few months to keep the desired look.

    Dental Disease

    Shih Tzus, because they are so small, may develop dental diseases.Their small mouth size makes them prone to orthodontic issues arising from too little room for teeth to come in properly.


    And he also has more energy to expend that he’ll lead you to believe.  Overall, Shih Tzus are pretty lazy and don’t need as much exercise as other breeds.Daily walks are good, and they aren’t pullers, so getting a comfy Shih Tzu sized harness is all you’ll need.The Shih Tzu can be cheeky and mischievous.

    Eye Problems

    Besides eye problems, Shih Tzus is prone to heart conditions, blood disorders, kidney problems, etc.

    Genetic Predispositions

    At the end of the article, we have also included a description of what you can do at home to keep your Shih Tzu looking and feeling her best.This guide contains general health information important to all canines as well as the most important genetic predispositions for Shih Tzus.This information helps you and us together plan for your pet’s unique medical needs.You will know what to watch for, and we will all feel better knowing that we’re taking the best possible care of your pal.


    So, a Shih Tzu would most likely be an ideal companion for a senior household or a family with kids, provided their lifestyle is relatively sedentary.To be a Shih Tzu owner, you need to be into grooming your dog or be happy to opt for taking him to a groomer to have his coat clipped short.


    However, if they do not exercise regularly, and do not have a proper diet, then they may develop health problems.From very imposing and big dogs, like the Greyhound and the Siberian Husky, to the smallest and most adorable ones, like the Shih Tzu and the Bichon Frise.In our list, you can see which are the dog breeds that can live for a long time if you provide them with the care they need.It is difficult to answer this question accurately.Many dogs may have very good genes that make them less predisposed to severe diseases.

    Heart Disease

    Early detection of heart disease often allows us to treat with medication that can prolong your pet’s life for many years.Shih Tzus are prone to multiple types of heart disease, which can occur both early and later in life.Veterinary dental care and weight control also go a long way in preventing heart disease.We’ll listen for heart murmurs and abnormal heart rhythms when we examine your pet.When indicated, we’ll perform an annual heart health check, which may include X-rays, an ECG, or an echocardiogram, depending on your dog’s risk factors.


    Due to their head shape and quite large eyes, you may notice gunk collects by the corner of their eye.Having a Shih Tzu will cost a minimum of £50 per month after purchase and set-up costs and up to £8,900 across their lifetime.Keep a close eye on the fur around you Shih Tzu’s mouth and nose, trimming it occasionally and keeping the area clean as food can collect around there and make the skin sore, which could potentially lead to infections.This will need gently wiping away to keep them clean and prevent coat staining.

    Life expectancy

    However, like most tiny dogs, the breed does have a few health problems that you should be aware of, including:The Shih Tzu has a life expectancy of between ten and 18 years.


    After that, two meals each day will work best.Ideally, a Shih Tzu should be fed four times daily for his first six months.Shih Tzus are prone to obesity, so keep a check on how much and how often you feed your dog.


    Regular grooming is important for Shih Tzus to maintain their cleanliness, keep them away from parasites, avoid infections, and other health conditions.


    In reality, the Shih Tzu personality and temperament is far from what you’d expect of a dog that could be considered ‘posh’ or ‘pampered.’ Their history has a large part in the making of their current reputation, but it should be known that a closer representation of the breed’s characteristics is loyal, loving, and attentive.


    A Shih Tzu may be nippy and bossy too, guarding his food and toys.So, early socialization and training is essential for this sometimes opinionated breed.  These pups can be active as puppies, so make sure to give them plenty of Shih Tzu sized toys to play with. You may find that your Shih Tzu puppy is a little bit cocky, stealing your shoes and chewing things.


    In 1969, the breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club and has grown in popularity as a family pet ever since.Shih Tzus are easygoing, friendly, and affectionate, making them ideal for first-time dog owners.  Because of their laid back temperament, they are often mixed with other dog breeds, like the chihuahua & Shih Tzu mix or the Shih Tzu Yorkie mix.The breed’s other main occupation is as a cherished family pet and beloved companion.Today’s Shih Tzus are often seen gracing the show ring in Toy group classes.


    As with all breeds, consult a certified professional dog trainer if you need help training your Shih Tzu.It also can help to create an “indoor potty” for use during the housetraining process, and you may choose to keep this option available for your dog’s entire life, if you work long hours.To create an “indoor potty,” start with a Richell Paw Trax Mesh Training Tray or Dogit Clean Training Pad Holder with a pee pad in it, and place it in the area where you confine your Shih Tzu while you are out.

    History of Shih Tzus

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  • In 1761, this breed
    became popular in England’s royal circles after the Princess Sophie Charlotte
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  • In 1861, the Shih Tzu became popular in the Imperial Court after a royal concubine became the Empress of China.
  • In 1881 the American Spaniel Club was formed and included many types of Spaniels.
  • In 1928, the first Shih Tzus, a male and female pair, were brought to England from Peking by Lady Brownrigg, the wife of the quartermaster general of the north China command.
  • In 1933 the Miniature Schnauzer was recognized as a separate breed from the Standard Schnauzer by the AKC.
  • In 1933, a Mrs.
  • In 1934, the Shih Tzu Club of England was founded[16] and the breed was officially recognised by the Kennel Club (UK) on 7 May 1940.[17] When it became eligible for Challenge Certificates, none were awarded until 1949.
  • In 1935, the breed was shown as the Lhassa Lion Dog, and it was then that it began to gain popularity on a wider scale.
  • In 1963, the FCI accepted the Slovensky Kopov as a hunting dog of scenthound type.
  • In 1963, the Shih Tzu Club of America and the Texas Shih Tzu Society merged to form the American Shih Tzu Club.
  • In 1969, the breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club and has grown in popularity as a family pet ever since.
  • In 1969, the breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club as a member of the Toy Group.
  • In 1976, the Boston Terrier was named the Bicentennial dog of the United States.
  • In 1982, a special general meeting of the Pomeranian Club was held in an attempt to resolve the issue of the German Spitz.
  • In 1993, a 7-year-old female Jindo named Baekgu (백구; 白狗; translated as a White Dog), raised by Park Bok-dan (박복단), an 83-year-old woman on Jindo Island, was sold to a new owner in the city of Daejeon which is located about 300 km (180 mi) away from the island.
  • In 2001 the AKC admitted the German Pinscher into its Miscellaneous class, and in 2003 it became a bonafide member of the Working Group.
  • In 2006, the CKU became a contract partner of the FCI; it became a full FCI member in 2011.
  • In 2006, the United Kennel Club officially recognized the Transylvanian Hound.
  • In 2011, after several years of research, we decided to add a new breed to our home.
  • In 2015, Wisconsin became the first state to introduce a bill to make blaze pink a legal hunting color.
  • In 2019, company Joybird compiled a list of most searched dog breeds by location, using Google-search data.
  • In 2019, the Shih Tzu was ranked by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as the 20th most popular dog breed in America.
  • In 2020, the sequencing of ancient dog genomes indicates that in two Mexican breeds the Chihuahua retains 4% and the Xoloitzcuintli 3% pre-colonial ancestry.
  • In the 1930s, a pair was exported to England and from there made their way to America.
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