Small Munsterlander Pointer

Overview of Small Munsterlander Pointers

  • Small Munsterlander Pointer Dogs eyes have a special membrane for seeing better at night, called a tapetum lucidum – a dogs reflective layer in the choroid chiefly of nocturnal, causing the eyes to glow when light at night hits the eyes and they consist of a few layers of smooth flat cells covered by a section of double deformed crystals.About the Small Munsterlander Pointer Dog BreedThis is a hunting breed and gun dog.
  • Small Munsterlander Pointer Dogs hear best at 45,000 Hz to 65,000 Hz, while humans hear best at around 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.TriviaThe United Kennel Club recognized the Small Munsterlander Pointer in 2006.The Small Munsterlander Pointer Dog breed is tracked by the AKC Foundation Stock Service as a breed under development; these dogs cannot be registered with the AKC otherwise.
  • Small Munsterlander Pointer are known to piling on the pounds, so/however a diet that consists of biologically appropriate protein and healthy fats, ground bone and vegetables packed with the required vitamins and minerals is essential for optimum health and performance.
  • Small Munsterlander Pointer Dogs have three eyelids, a lower lid, an upper eyelid lid and a third lid, that is called a haw or nictitating membrane, this keeps the Small Munsterlander Pointer Dogs eye protected and moist.
  • Small Munsterlander Pointers are known to be a healthy breed but, like all dogs it’s important for them to have routine check ups and to be fed a good high quality dog food in order to stay healthy.
  • Small Munsterlander Pointers shed a moderate amount of hair year round, although you should expect to see an increase in shedding during spring and autumn when they blow their coat.
  • The small Munsterlander pointer is actually a medium-sized dog, standing at an average height of 19 to 22 inches at the shoulders and weighing between 35 and 60 pounds.
  • Small Munsterlander Pointers are, despite their name, medium sized dogs that stand up to 21 inches at the withers and weighs up to 60 pounds.
  • Small Munsterlander Pointer Dog’s nose prints can be used to identify them, their nose prints are like a humans finger print.
  • Small Munsterlander Pointer were bred to carry out many alternative hunting tasks involving both birds and furred animals.
  • Allergies

    It’s our mission at Spot & Tango to provide fresh, all-natural and convenient meals that you can feel good about feeding your dog.As a family owned business, we understand the importance of nourishing your aging pet with nutrient-packed dog food for Senior Small Munsterlander Pointers.Because of this, we’ve created an online quiz to assist in creating a customized meal plan based on your Small Munsterlander Pointer’s weight, activity level and physical characteristics.Get started with Spot & Tango today.In order to match the needs of your busy lifestyle, we deliver your personalized, ready-to-serve dog food straight to your home without any extra cost.It’s never been so easy to feed your dog quality food.Meals from Spot & Tango are great for picky eaters, palatable for senior Small Munsterlander Pointers with weak teeth, and may boost immunity, strengthen muscles, alleviate arthritis, relieve allergies, balance pH and help protect the coat.Our recipes include a list of veterinarian-approved powerhouse ingredients including beef, lamb, turkey, eggs, spinach, carrots, blueberries, cranberries and safflower oil.These human-grade ingredients are safely cooked in small batches in order to preserve nutrients and flavor.We realize that it’s not always easy finding the right type of food for your dog.


    It is important to make sure your Small Munsterlander Pointer is on the right diet.As a puppy, Small Munsterlander Pointers need to be on a good high quality dog food formulated for growth or all stages of life.As Small Munsterlander Pointers mature they need to be fed a good high quality dog food formulated for all stages of life or adult.Being on the proper dog food throughout the life of a Small Munsterlander Pointer is very important for their overall health.Given the fact that Small Munsterlander Pointers are healthy dogs as long as you feed them a good high quality dog food and take them to the veterinarian for their routine check ups they should remain happy and healthy throughout their life.It is important that your senior Small Munsterlander Pointer is on the right dog food, it make a difference in their overall health especially as they age.Small Munsterlander Pointers are known to be a healthy breed but, like all dogs it is important for them to have routine check ups and to be fed a good high quality dog food in order to stay healthy.


    The Small Munsterlander Pointer sports a brown-and-white coat with moderate feathering on the tail, belly, back of the forelegs, and inside the thighs.


    The Small Munsterlander Pointer is often an intelligent, devoted and self-confident breed.A dutiful owner of a Small Munsterlander Pointer should take time to find the right dog food for a senior Small Munsterlander Pointer to help keep energy levels up and their weight controlled.But as the dog ages and reaches its senior years, their temperament can become less predictable.Their demeanor is often times described as friendly.While a Small Munsterlander Pointer typically needs lots of activity, as they get older their energy levels tend to gradually fade which can lead to obesity.


    For a rare hunting dog to tag along on the trails, the adaptable small Munsterlander pointer will also fill the role of affectionate family companion in the home.The average lifespan for a small Munsterlander pointer is 12 to 14 years.The small Munsterlander pointer has a high energy level.The small Munsterlander pointer is also called a spion, a kleiner Munsterlander vorstehund, a hiedewachtel and, simply, a small Munsterlander.The small Munsterlander pointer is an intelligent and active hunting dog that also makes a sociable family pet.The small Munsterlander pointer originated in Germany.The small Munsterlander pointer requires minimal grooming.The small Munsterlander pointer stands 19 to 22 inches tall and weighs 35 to 60 pounds.

    Do They Have a Strong Prey Drive?

    Small Münsterländer is great hunting dog and it’s in their instinct to find, capture and prey.They can easily chase and catch small animals.Because of this they have a strong prey drive.

    Are Small Munsterlanders Hypoallergenic?

    No, Small Munsterlanders are not hypoallergenic.

    Can Small Munsterlanders Be Guard Dogs?

    Considering to own a Small Munsterlander puppy and need to know whether a Small Munsterlander can be a good guard dog or if Small Munsterlander Dogs are protective of their owners?

    According to our chart, Small Munsterlander Dogs score out of 5 in the scale of breeds that are considered the best guard dogs.

    What Are They Like to Groom?

    Like most Pointers, grooming your Small Munsterlander Pointer isn’t very difficult.These dogs were bred tough and ready to hunt, so they don’t need much in the way of special attention.

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    Grooming ??

    The Small Munsterlander only needs about a weekly brushing unless he’s been running through dirt and bushes.They tend to be seasonal shedders, so increase the brushing to several times a week, if not daily, in the spring and fall to keep up with the excess fur.They only need an occasional bath, no more than once a month with a dog shampoo.

    So why use supplements?

    Dietary supplementation will take your dog’s nutrition to the next level.By making certain additions for specific Small Munsterlander Pointer related conditions, or for your dog’s individual needs, supplements will act as a complement to food.Added support which will bolster, fuel and nourish your faithful friend and fine-tune their nutritional intake.

    Can You Stop Your Small Munsterlander from Shedding?

    You can’t stop a dog from shedding, but you can minimize it significantly.And out of all the methods of reducing shedding we talk about on this site, the simplest and most effective is regular brushing.

    Have any questions about health in your breed?

    If you have any concerns about a particular health condition in your breed then you may wish to speak to your vet or you could contact your breed health co-ordinator.Breed health co-ordinators are individuals working on behalf of breed clubs and councils who are advocates for the health and welfare of their chosen breed.They acts as a spokesperson on matters of health and will collaborate with The Kennel Club on any health concerns the breed may have.

    Are They Social With Other People?

    Small Münsterländers love and enjoy being around people, kids, and other animals.They don’t like being left alone.

    Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets?

    The Small Munsterlander gets along very well with all animals, particularly with other dogs, as they were bred to be pack animals.They are strong hunting dogs, which needs to be considered if you have any smaller pets in the home.Like with any dog, they should be trained and socialized well when they are puppies.

    Food & Diet Requirements ??

    Start by finding a high-quality dry dog food (like this one).How often and how much you feed your Small Munsterlander will depend on his age, size, and activity level.You can also follow the guidelines found on the back of the dog food bag that can help you determine the daily amount you should feed your dog.Consider consulting with your vet if you’re concerned with your dog’s health or weight.

    How Easy are They to Train?

    Small Münsterländers are slow before they get fully mature.Mentally they reach adulthood when they reach 2 years old.They are a trainable hunting breed.They will learn fast with reliable training and easily follow commands.Using positive reinforcement helps to train this dog.They are very suited to hunting and companionship.This dog would not make a good Frisbee dog.They sometimes need to be trained to bring objects back when playing fetch.These dogs mostly love to roam and chase.They are also very good at pointing when they find game.

    Are These Dogs Good for Families? ??

    The Small Munsterlander is a fantastic dog for many families.However, be prepared to spend a lot of time playing with and finding activities for your dog so he won’t become bored.They are very patient and loving with children but always supervise when any dog is around young children.You should consider teaching your children to respect all dogs, which makes things safer for both your children and your dog.

    Exercise ??

    Exercise is the name of the game for the Small Munsterlander! These dogs have very high exercise needs that are usually dealt with while out hunting.If you don’t hunt, you need to take your dog for long walks and allow him the chance to run in an enclosed area but be sure to keep him supervised, or he might run away.You can also provide him with a variety of activities to keep him entertained, including puzzle toys.Also, consider signing him up for obedience and agility trials as well as the aforementioned hunting and retrieving trials and tests.

    Do Small Munsterlander Pointers Shed?

    Small Munsterlanders are versatile German hunting dogs that are known for being loyal companions.Whether he’s hunting furry prey on land, retrieving in the water, or sitting at your feet, these intelligent and highly trainable dogs love being by your side.

    Health Conditions ??

    The Small Munsterlander is a very healthy breed with no known predisposed health conditions.Your vet will want to conduct the usual physical exam as well as run blood and urinalysis tests to ensure your dog is in good health, but your breeder should also provide you with a full medical background on your puppy before you bring him home.

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    Where did the Small Munsterlander Pointer Come From?

    A flexible hunting, pointing and retrieving dog breed called Small Münsterländer, originates from the Munster region of Germany back in the middle 19th century.At that time, the numbers of hunters and hunting was increasing after German Law was change and the breeding of new German Pointing dogs began.Historians believe that in 1906, the famous poet name Hermann Löns and his brother Edmund Löns created the Small Münsterländer by crossing the German long haired Pointer and long haired spaniels known as Wachtelhunds.Besides from the Löns brothers, Baron of Bevervördelohburg also helped with breeding efforts.In another region a teacher name Mr.Heitmann in Burgsteinfurt successfully created his own line.Breeders finally founded The club for Small Munsterlander Pointing dogs in March 17, 1912 to bring the breeders together.In 1921 Mr.Friedrich Jungklaus created a breed standard for the dog.

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    Do They Tolerate Other Pets?

    The Small Münsterländer is hunting dog but they are also friendly with other pets.

    Training ??

    Training the Small Munsterlander is relatively easy.They are very intelligent dogs that are strongly devoted to their owners, so they learn quickly and are able to retain what they learn.They prefer to spend time with their families, so incorporate them into your daily activities while socializing, and you’ll have well-adjusted family members.

    Are They Good for Families?

    Small Münsterländer is a happy and affectionate with family and other pets.They are friendly and gentle with kids.In Their breed was not created to harm but just point out prey.This carries through with how they interact with children.They also need a lot of stimulation and like a yard to roam in.

    Is a Small Munsterlander the Breed for You?

    The Small Munsterlander is a remarkable breeding success story.He would make a delightful addition to almost any home.However, he would only be happy in one where he has a job to do.

    Looking for a puppy?

    Looking for a Small Munsterlander? Explore our list of puppies and rescue dogs for sale near you.

    What are “Moonsters” like to Live With?

    After a long hike or an hour of active play, the Small Munsterlander will likely take a nap or chew quietly on a toy.However, this dog forms tight, affectionate bonds with family members and doesn’t appreciate being left alone.In fact, it can get rowdy and destructive if left to its own devices for long periods of time.The Munsterlander is a team player, getting along with everyone in the family—including cats.Overall, this is a sweet, life-loving breed.

    Is The Small Münsterländer Pointer Good for New Owners?

    The Small Münsterländer can have a stubborn personality.New owners will need to make sure they have a large area to roam and can provide lot of stimulation.New owners can train these dogs but they need to be patient during training.

    What’s the Price of Small Munsterlander Puppies?

    The current price for Small Munsterlander puppies can range from $1,500 to $2,500 from a breeder.Be sure to find a reputable and responsible breeder and avoid puppy mills at all costs.

    What Were They Bred For?

    Breeders developed the Small Münsterländer to hunt, point, retrieve and track.Because of their personality, this dog also became a great family companion and one of the best breeds for elderly people.

    Wirehaired Pointer x Small Munsterlander??

    I'm a big fan of both Wirehairs and SMs, but have never heard of this crossing.I'm in an area where both are very common, for hunting as well as just family dogs — especially the Munsterlanders.

    History of Small Munsterlander Pointers

  • In 1919 hunters and farmers that bred the Munsterlander formed a club, and the breed has since proven to be an all-purpose gun dog.