Mind Mapped

Where ideas take shape.

“Mind Mapped” is an online community, where each member contribute to the global mapping of ideas.  It’s a public editable space, where we can create a single knowledgebase of every concept imaginable.

What is Mind mapping:

  • Mind mapping is a technique to help you remember related information in a visual way and many people find this more effective than formal note taking.  The main concept, purpose or theory is the centre of the map with related information branching off from it.  
  • Mind mapping is generally linked with the popular psychologist Tony Buzan, although in fact similar approaches have been used by Porphyry of Tyros in the 3rd century to conceptualise the ideas of Aristotle, by Leonardo da Vinci and by Picasso, to name but a few.
  • Mind mapping’s ability to transform unstructured brainstorming into a highly structured project plan enabled Jarvis’ team to move quickly while still keeping its eyes on the main objectives established at the beginning of the project.
  • Mind map software also helps them to visualize complicated business situations in a simplified way.  Investing in technologies such as mind mapping applications will surely add greater value to their business. 
  • Mind mapping enables you to learn faster, communicate more efficiently and brainstorm more effectively, which is why ever more businesses are using tools like MindMeister to get the most out of their teams. 
  • Mind maps draw on the brain’s ability to store an infinite number of associations and this, together with their visual qualities (space, image, colour etc.) help them stimulate the memory to store more facts.
  • Mind maps work much the same way: You write the main idea in the center and from there you branch out to secondary thoughts relating to the main idea, and then branch off from those secondary thoughts.
  • Mind Mapping can also help you to break down large projects or topics into manageable chunks, so that you can plan effectively without getting overwhelmed and without forgetting something important.