Comparison Microscopes

  • A comparison microscope is really two microscopes connected by an optical bridge, which consists of prisms and mirrors that direct the light coming from each microscope to a common field of view and set of oculars.
  • Comparison microscopes are mostly used in a reflected light setting, but a transmitted light setting is also available in some instances, and fluorescent light settings are found on higher-end models.
  • A Comparison microscope is the most important and most widely used scientific instrument in comparing the crime cartridge with the test cartridge.
  • A comparison microscope is a piece of equipment used in forensic sciences to compare microscopic patterns and identify or deny their common origin.
  • The comparison microscope is used to compare impression evidence that requires a magnification ranging from 5× to approximately 100×.
  • A comparison microscope is used for the examination of fired bullets, bullet fragments and cartridge/shotshell cases.
  • A comparison microscope is basically two microscopes connected by something known as an optical bridge.
  • A comparison microscope is a type of microscopes that is commonly used in a forensic laboratory.
  • The comparison microscope is also used to compare layers of a paint chip.